• Full Evaluation and Consultation
    Our medical assistants begin each visit by recording all of the patient's vital signs and conducting a full medical history of the patient. This will allow for a thorough evaluation of the patient and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Specialities and Services

We offer expert care for all the following conditions:

  • Respiratory Conditions affecting the lungs, ears, nose, and the sinuses such as asthma, reactive airway disease, exercise induced bronchospasm, chronic cough, croup, and cystic fibrosis. We also provide treatment for patients with lung diseases requiring oxygen and/or ventilator management.
  • Allergy conditions affecting the nose and skin such as allergic rhinitis, allergic skin, and food allergies.
  • Sleep disorder conditions affecting sleep including apnea, snoring, and noisy breathing.


We also provide treatment of GERD for patients who have related respiratory conditions.


Ofresemos cuidado de especialidad de las condiciones de:

  • Condiciones del systema respiratorio afectando los pulmones, oidos, nariz, y sinuous. Tambien problemas tal como el asma. Tambien problemas del via aerea, agitaciondespues de ejercisios, tos cronica, y fibrosis quistica. Tambien tratamiento para pacientes con problemas con los pulmones requieren oxijeno y/o manejamiento de ventilador.
  • Problemas con alergias affectando la nariz o la piel. O alergias a siertas comidas.
  • Problemas del sueño, apneas, o ronquillos.


Tambien tratamos problemas de reflujo gastro a los pacientes que tienen problemas respiratorios.

  • On Site Testing

    Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
    PFT''s are conducted on patients starting at 5 years of age. A PFT is a group of tests that measure how well the lungs take in and release air. These tests also measure how well the lungs move gaseous oxygen from the atmosphere and into the body's circulation.
    On Site
    ENO (Exhaled Nitric Oxide)
    ENO testing is used to measure the allergy cells in the lung which gives an indicator of inflammation in the lung.
    On Site
  • Other Services Offered

    Xolair (Omalizumab) involves subcutaneous monthly injections for patients with moderate to severe asthma not responsive to standard medical management.
    We offer Synagis vaccines seasonally. Synagis vaccines are offered to premature or high risk infants for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
    Oxygen Therapy
    Apnea Monitoring and Management
    Asthma Action Plans
    We provide all patients with an active diagnosis of asthma with an Asthma Action Plan for home, school, or daycare use.
  • Off Site Testing

    Allergy Testing
    Allery testing utilizing immunocap by blood testing and technology.
    Off Site
    Cystic Fibrosis Screening
    Off Site
    Sleep Study
    Off Site
    Off Site
    Off Site